Creative Catalyst Productions - Making Color Sing - A Video Workshop by Jeanne Dobie

Making Color Sing - A Video Workshop by Jeanne Dobie


Artist: Jeanne Dobie
Producer: Jeanne Dobie
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Runtime: 3.5 hrs
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After decades of teaching art throughout the US and Europe, Jeanne has retired and made her workshop available in a 3 DVD Workshop Set of 7 lessons (filmed outdoors). Here is your chance to share her informative lessons by "attending" a Jeanne Dobie DVD Workshop without leaving home! Filmed on location in Arizona (outdoors) by Hollywood film director, Chuck Swartwout, during an actual workshop for the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society.


You can paint along with award-winning watercolorist, Jeanne Dobie, as she mixes luminous color combinations. Explore new color and composition approaches that transform ordinary subjects into extraordinary paintings. The tutorials are not demonstration exercises, but feature valuable instruction similar to the course Dobie taught while serving on the faculty of Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA, and featured in her bestseller book "Making Color Sing."

Lesson 1 Introduction + 12 Shapes - "No amount of technique will save an impoverished composition." This is the important cornerstone lesson of the series, designed to strengthen compositions.
Lesson 2 Jeanne's Pure Pigment Palette + Mouse Power - Are you trapped in color formulas and triads that produce ho-hum paintings? Add Mouse Power to your painting vocabulary - colors that are "settings" that make gem-like colors sing!
Lesson 3 Greens Should Not Look Green - If you are an artist that avoids greens, this lesson will change that!
Lesson 4 Paper as Part of the Painting - Discover the most important component working for you when designing a composition.
Lesson 5 Octanic Color - Which pigments give you potent mixtures? A lesson with surprising results.
Lesson 6 Dark Partners - Darks can also be catalysts for glowing lights. Are you making the wisest choices?
Lesson 7 Errors into Assets - Results so beautiful, you may want to plan mistakes on purpose!
Total Playing Time approx. 3.5 hours