Tools for Transforming Troubled Watercolors with Barbara Nechis

Artist: Barbara Nechis
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes

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Don't toss your problem watercolors! Let Barbara Nechis show you how to use them as a learning opportunity.


Barbara demonstrates on nine paintings donated by students. She will walk you through her considerations when dealing with a problem piece. She addresses issues like color harmony, linkage, color dominance, and contrasts. You see her vary sizes, cluster shapes, and glaze over colors. She even uses a water bath to totally submerge a painting in order to lift color. The results are not meant to be frame worthy pieces. The value is in what you learn for the next time you face a similar situation. So collect those "disasters" and put them to good use with Barbara Nechis! (Printout available on DVD)

I have ordered numerous DVDs from you. All the artists are excellent and your production quality is superior to any others on the market today! Outstanding in every way!
- Beth P. - Lubbock TX -

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