Life-Like Leaves & Vibrant Greens Watercolor Masterclass - Volume One - with Susan Harrison Tustain

Artist: Susan Harrison-Tustain
Producer: Susan Harrison-Tustain
SKU: 22-SHT4d
Runtime: 4 Hours

In response to constant requests for detailed instruction on painting a wide variety of subjects, Susan has produced this, the first volume of her Watercolor Masterclass Series.



How to paint leaves that are astonishingly real. Watch the leaves appear to emerge from the paper as if they have a presence - while Susan shares every detail and skill in her gentle, easy-to-understand style of teaching. Learn how to capture the different leaf surfaces: shiny, matt, smooth, undulating, puffed, veined leaves.

Mix naturalgreens that are rich, luscious and vibrant. Susan shares her knowledge to help you to build a great repertoire of green mixes - those found in nature. These methods, skills and new understanding of how to mix color can be applied to mixing any color at all!

As a special bonus: Susan shows how 'the five crucial elements for a successful painting' will help you gain the expertise to create your own Masterworks. Learn to understand how Color, Color Temperature, Tone, Intensity and Edges will revolutionize how you observe, understand and paint any subject from now on.

Susan will share how this knowledge will help you to capture emotion, create an impact, convey a message and a portray a reality that will reach out of the frame and connect with the viewers of your work.

An understanding of the power of Susan's teachings will give you a new awareness of how you can create paintings with the impact and emotion you wish to convey.  She emphasizes that her instruction can be adapted to any subject, painting style and medium you wish to paint in.


You will find:

  • In-depth instruction and demonstrations giving exposure to a wide range of skills needed to capture astonishingly life-like leaves
  • Learn the secrets behind mixing luscious and vibrant greens
  • Special Bonus Section:"The 5 crucial elements for a successful painting"
  • Learn subject observation, analysis and an in-depth understanding of watercolor
  • Wide-screen, 4+ hours, 2-disc DVD set, recorded with 3 cameras
  • Designed for all skill levels from beginners to professional artists


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