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View Catcher


Producer: The Color Wheel


Product Description:

A company near us creates this product. It is a new version of the viewer used by Mary Todd Beam in her video, 'An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure & An Inward Look'.

We think many of you will find this very useful as you compose your subject matter.

The ViewCatcher™ lets you view your subject matter and your artwork so you can make better decisions about composition, value judgment and true color.

The 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 ViewCatcher is constructed of durable plastic to hold up to the elements and provide years of use. It is colored a #5 gray to help judge value and has a small sight opening in the center that enables artists to see "true" color. It can be held at different distances and the adjustable opening can be oriented horizontally or vertically to help find just the right composition.


- Determine composition

- Choose format, vertical, horizontal or square

- Make color decisions