Vibrant Watercolor: Glass with Soon Y. Warren

Artist: Soon Y. Warren
Producer: North Light
SKU: 22-SYW2d
Runtime: 1 Hour, 56 Minutes

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You will love this video if:

You're hoping to learn easy techniques to tackle more challenging subjects

  • You love watercolor painting and want to build your technique repertoire
  • You enjoy step-by-step visual instruction that you can pause and play when you want

Soon Y. Warren is a full time artist and teacher. She has an Associate degree in commercial art from Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia.


Appearing in several art publications, Soon Y. has had numerous exhibitions and earned numerous awards. Soon has done 2 books with North Light Books, Painting Vibrant Watercolors and Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor.

In this video, Soon shares very simple step by steps to create a complex image, glass and cherries on the wooden box. You will learn how to create the realistic sparkle and intricacies of glass using simple watercolor techniques with help from Soon Y. Warren. Follow Soon's process for how to create rich and vibrant colors by layering colors, how to control the water and colors, and use of tools.

  • Step-by-step instruction to achieve a finished painting
  • Watercolor lessons on brushwork, layering, glazing, wet into wet, negative painting, masking and more!



Tool & Materials

Subject & Drawing

Apply Masking Fluid


Develop Darks

Add Details

Final Touches



300-lb. cold-pressed paper

Paints (variety of brands)

Blues: Cerulean Blue, Indigo, Phthalo Blue, Prussian Blue

Browns: Sepia

Reds: Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Scarlet Lake

Greens: Hooker's Green

Yellows: Aureolin Yellow, Cadmium Yellow,

Brushes (variety of sizes)

Synthetic bristles (for scrubbing)

Sable or synthetic/sable mixed rounds (for main application)

Hake (for underpainting)


Masking fluid (Winsor & Newton) and shallow container

Masking tape

Mechanical pencil

Rubber cement pickup

Erasers (vinyl and kneaded)

Palettes (one dish per color family—tape onto a square of cut Plexiglas to make them stackable)

Plywood backing board

Spray bottle

Stylus or other masking application tools



Water bowl (with round edge)

Interview with Soon Y. Warren

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