Creative Catalyst Productions - The Language of Landscape in Watercolor with Dale Laitinen

The Language of Landscape in Watercolor with Dale Laitinen


Artist: Dale Laitinen
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
Runtime: 110 min
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Learn to paint landscapes that make a statement. Follow watercolor expert Dale Laitinen on a quest to capture a sense of the monumental.


In this DVD workshop, you use bold color to create drama as you paint the great granite cliffs of Yosemite. Learn to see the landscape like an artist. You learn to take photos that maximize the glory of the mountains and modify your sketch to highlight features in the granite. You balance stable horizontal planes with energetic diagonals, and translate the lines into strong shapes in your watercolor.

Dale describes painting as a battle of the edges. You contrast hard and soft lines for variety, and learn techniques for creating lost-and-found edges that keep viewers curious. Dale teaches you to inject emotion with daring color choices and maintain transparency as you layer. As you move from broad strokes on the cliff to points of light in the trees, you learn to make each element say exactly what you feel.

BONUS CLIP: Treeline and Rock Face