Creative Catalyst Productions - Abstract Florals from Loose Colorful Splatters with Robert Burridge

Abstract Florals from Loose Colorful Splatters with Robert Burridge


Artist: Robert Burridge
Producer: Cheap Joes
SKU: 22-RB1D
Runtime: 79 min

Within a few minutes of watching Robert Burridge's latest DVD you will have no doubt as to why he has become one of the most popular and sought after workshop instructors.


His approach in teaching is not so much about using specific materials as it is about getting us to loosen up and have fun with our painting. And as Robert often says, "Isn't having fun why we started painting in the first place?" The focus of this instructional DVD is preparing several small pieces of gessoed watercolor paper and then using them to splash and splatter on loose and juicy acrylic color.

The end result is a series of abstract floral paintings that have been created using some basic design and composition techniques that are familiar to each and every artist. Using his new color wheel, Robert even shows us how easy it is to use primary and complementary colors to bring pop and interest to our paints.

This DVD is not for the faint at heart but rather for those painters who want to add some interest to their art by loosening up and being a bit irreverent.Robert has the ability to get us so excited we won't want to finish the lesson but rather move as fast as we can into our studio in order to start throwing some paint around.

The DVD's eight chapters include one on preparing the paper, warming up, making a mess, design, composition and color wheel, painting stems and glass. Extras include a short interview with Robert and a look at some of the paintings in his gallery.