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Which Workshop Format is Right For You?

December 29, 2017 3 min read 2 Comments

Understanding the Difference Between DVD, Streaming and Video Download


You’ve found a painting or drawing workshop that you love and you’re ready to add it to the cart when suddenly you notice you have to pick a format.


“What is this?!” you ask yourself.


Most of the workshop titles at CCPVideos.com now come in three formats, one is physical (DVD) and the other two are digital options (streaming and video download). It means you can choose the best option for you. Let’s dive in to what you’ll need to enjoy each.




Good old classic. This option gives you something physical you can hold in your hand. You can take your workshop anywhere and you won’t need the internet to play it (as long as your computer has a disc drive to load the workshop.) For example, if your laptop has a disc drive, you could play your workshop on a plane or at the beach with no wifi.

What you’ll need: DVD player or a computer with a disc drive.

What won’t work: An ipad, phone, or computer without a disc drive.

Technology is changing and while you can still buy a DVD player, not all new computers and laptops  come with a disc drive. If you’d like to watch a DVD on your new laptop but it doesn’t have a place to insert a DVD, you can still buy external disc players that connect to your laptop. Just double check to make sure your specific computer has what it needs to connect.


Streaming (digital)

Welcome to the digital age where you have access to everything with the switch of wifi. The great thing about streaming is that you can watch your workshop anywhere you have access to a good internet connection. Plus you can play one workshop on any portable video player you have like a cell phone, ipad or laptop.

What is streaming?

Streaming means that the workshop lives on the CCPVideos.com website but you’ll have access to it by logging into your account and watching it on the website. If you’ve used Netflix or Hulu, it’s exactly like that.

What you’ll need: A strong and consistent wifi or internet connection.

What devices will work: Phone, ipad, or a computer as long as they have a good connection to the internet.

What won’t work work: Any of the above if you don’t have a good connection to the internet.  

Why streaming might be right for you: If you want to be able to watch your workshops on your ipad and you have a good internet connection you’ll have easy access to your titles. No waiting for a DVD to come across the country (or world!) and you’ll save money on shipping. The streaming option also takes no memory space on your devices. You can easily find all your workshops on CCPVideos.com without trying to remember where you saved your download on your computer.

Why streaming may not be right for you: If you live in the part of the world where internet access isn’t very strong or very consistent, streaming isn’t the right option for you. You must have a good internet connection to be able to enjoy streaming.



Video Download (digital)

For video downloads, instead of watching the workshop on CCPVideos.com you will download it from the website to your own computer. When the workshop is downloading from CCP Videos.com to your computer, you’ll need a strong internet connection. Once it’s downloaded however, you won’t need any internet connection to watch it.

What you’ll need: For downloading, you’ll need a strong internet connection. You’ll also need a computer (desktop computer or a laptop) with enough memory to hold the workshop. After the workshops downloads, you’ll be able to watch your workshop without the internet.

What devices will work: You’ll need to download the workshop to a computer either a desktop or a laptop.

What devices won’t work: You can’t download your workshop to anything other than a computer (desktop or laptop). Once you’ve downloaded the workshop to your computer, with a bit of tech savvy, you’ll be able to transfer it to your ipad.

Once you know your preferred method, you can search CCPVideos.com workshops based on DVD, streaming or download.

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Harriet Cotter
Harriet Cotter

January 12, 2018

If I opt for streaming and it doesn’t work well, can I change to download?

Hazel Shiell
Hazel Shiell

January 02, 2018

Thanks, Great explanation.

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