Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Tip Your Board for Longer Washes

October 15, 2019 1 min read

This week’s Tuesday tip comes from Michael Holter’s "7 Steps to Watercolor Landscapes."

If you find you're struggling with large washes, try tipping your watercolor board as Michael Holter shows in his video workshop. Michael works with his board tipped at an angle and works with a watercolor bead down his painting. “So as long as this bead on the bottom of this wash is wet," says Michael in "7 Steps to Watercolor Landscapes," "I can continue to paint into it and I won’t leave strange marks and blossoms and streaks.”


Learn how tipping your board will help you work longer in your watercolor washes

This approach will help give you more time to infuse color into your washes.

Learn more great tips from Michael Holter’s "7 Steps to Watercolor Landscapes."


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