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Tuesday Tips and Techniques: Embrace Mistakes

August 27, 2019 1 min read

Today’s tip is less technical and more about attitude. It comes from Shuang Li's video workshop, "Fearless Waterscapes."

Here’s the tip: Remember that the mistakes you make in this painting will make the next painting better.


Shuang keeps a sense of continuity between the piece she’s working on now and the one before it and after it. She’s going into this piece having had learned from her past paintings. And if she messes up something in this, she puts that lesson in her pocket for the next piece. “If I can’t do it in this piece, I’ll do it in the next. No big deal,” she says. And maybe that’s a good plaque for our artist studios.

So work hard, paint a lot, and if you mess up something in this painting, your next painting will be stronger because of it.

Check out Shuang Li’s “Fearless Waterscapes" by clicking here


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