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This Week in Workshops: The Fast Pace of Still Life

March 13, 2018 2 min read

Painting and drawing still life i a great way to hone your artistic skills quickly. Still not convinced? Check out these 8 workshops that prove still life painting can be a lot of fun while shooting your learning curve straight up. 


Acrylic Painting Value Techniques Fast Loose and Bold with Patti Mollica
Improve your acrylic painting value techniques with fast, loose, and bold instruction from Patti Mollica! Follow Mollica’s process for creating simple value plans that will be a springboard for successful paintings. Three exercises rely on three values so that you learn that there are many ways to interpret the same subject. Learn more.

Acrylic Painting Brushwork Techniques Fast Loose Bold with Patti Mollica

In this workshop Patti Mollica will explore the color wheel, teach you about color schemes, and give you a good understanding of color relationships. You'll go through four color exercises and learn to translate one value plan into four different color schemes. Most importantly, you'll learn to take a playful and exploratory approach to color. Learn more.

A Solid Start in Oil Painting: Still Life with Craig Nelson

Stop staring at blank canvas and start painting. With Craig Nelson's simple method for still life, you'll overcome your hesitation and kick start your career in oil.  You'll develop foundation skills and even save money at the art store. As Nelson says, "Start simple, get good, and then worry about jumping to that next level." Learn more.



Quick Studies: Studies in Under an Hour (in Oil) with Craig Nelson

Learn more in less time with Quick Studies. Craig Nelson's exciting one-hour sessions help you hone your skills without spending days on a single painting. Nelson's dynamic approach works with any subject matter. In this workshop, watch as Nelson paints a floral from life and a figure from photo reference. Learn more.

Still Life with Fiesta with Carl Dalio

Dancing with the Brush is a series created by artist Carl Dalio to demonstrate his entire painting process set to music. He designed the videos to inspire and encourage students' own imaginative discoveries and interests. Each video includes a beautiful collection of uplifting music scores- without boring commentary. Learn more.


Expressive Still Lifes Mixed Media Painting Workshop with Annie O'Brien Gonzales

Join host Amy Jones and mixed media artist Annie O’Brien Gonzales to learn Gonzales' approach to expressive still life florals. Learn how to incorporate your favorite objects, images and patterns. By bringing the painter into the painting, your still life will take on a whole new meaning and reflect more than just paint. Learn more.


Abstract Painting Techniques - Flowers in Pastel with Debora Stewart

Loosen up and explore abstract art with Debora Stewart! You'll learn how to paint abstract flowers start-to-finish. You’ll explore blind contour line drawings  and discover exciting color schemes to incorporate into your painting. Learn more.


Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels with Stephanie Birdsall

Watch Stephanie Birdsall do a full pastel painting demonstration. Learn how to make the most of your pastel underpaintings, to use alcohol to spread color, to keep your colors clean and to set up strong compositions every time. Learn more.


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