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This Week in Painting Workshops: Bold and Beautiful Flowers

February 27, 2018 3 min read

Flowers are a constant source of inspiration for those of us learning to draw and paint. They offer a great opportunity to play with color (real or imagined) and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes making them great to paint up close or in a group farther away.


Flowing Florals: The Informed, Intuitive Approach with Robbie Laird

Robbie Laird will teach you how a few simple preparations will make all the difference when watercolor painting. Laird starts with her painting materials and shows you how to use color mixing theory to logically organize your palette. Her techniques are fun, fast an fluid, and she’ll how you how to create rich, saturated color in your watercolor paintings.  Learn more.

Vibrant Orchid with Ann Pember
Ann Pember's hows how to use wet-into-wet techniques to make your watercolor painting come alive. Watch up close as Pember controls and directs the natural qualities of gravity, water, and pigment to create clean, vibrant color and capture the uniqueness and vitality of each subject. Learn more.

Watercolor from Within: Transparent Layering with Barbara Nechis

If you've ever wished you could skip the thumbnails and dive head first into watercolor let Barbara Nechis show you how.  Learn to use wet-into-wet to create a stunning floral scene. Without a reference photo, physical subject, or sketched outline, Nechis demonstrates how to paint from within using a single spot of magenta paint placed confidently in the center of the page. Learn more.

 Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor with Arleta Pech

Arleta Pech walks you through the process of creating a vibrant realistic watercolor painting from start to finish using controlled glazes. Learn how to photographs your subjects, enlarge a sketch to fit your paper and how to choose colors for a mud free paintings. Learn more.

Negative Painting Techniques: Watercolor Flowers with Linda Kemp

Loosen up your watercolor style and learn negative painting techniques from Linda Kemp. With Kemp’s direct approach, you’ll explore how to paint better and freer florals. Her fast approach doesn’t wait for paint to dry. Learn how to work wet-in-wet by starting with your lightest colors first and then building up the painting through increasingly darker and thicker paint. Learn more.



Watercolor Unleashed: Painting White Flowers with Julie Gilbert Pollard

Learn the secrets for painting light airy washes to capture delicate and translucent petals while creating full depth and movement using rich color in the shadows and backgrounds. Fine tune your painting skills with watercolor techniques including lessons on color, brushwork, values, edge control, wet-into-wet painting, negative painting, glazing, shape making and more. Learn more.


Watercolor Calla Lily with Birgit O'Connor

Keep the composition simple, work with values, shape and shadow to form these beautiful flowers. Build rich deep color in the background and turn this elegant flower into a dramatic painting. Paint these graceful flowers using very little color and learn how to direct the viewer's eye into the center with simple values. Make those white flowers pop with shadows and shapes. Learn more.


Watercolor Workshop - The Star Flower with Birgit O'Connor

Watch as Birgit O'Connor guides you step-by-step through this beautiful flower. Create shape and shadows to add depth into the painting and learn how to paint multiple stamens without masking fluid. Learn how to get that glow inside the flower by glazing warm colors over cool. Let the color flow and build a rich dramatic background. Feel as if you are in an actual workshop and listen to the students ask questions during the demonstration. Learn more.

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