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Ready for a Challenge? Join Me for Thirty Days in September.

August 08, 2016 2 min read

I did an art challenge in January of this year and it actually changed my art life. That feels so dramatic to say but it’s true. For one month, I made art my first priority. It was fascinating to see what emerged from my easel but also what emerged from my life. I got a glimpse into the benefits and sacrifices I’d have at a heightened dedication to my practice. Remembering this makes me incredibly excited to join a 30-day challenge this upcoming September. In September, I’m committing to make a piece of art every single day. Will you join me? You may be surprised at how much you can learn in 30 days.


Style discoveries:

Because you have to produce something every day, your inner critic quiets. That gives you freedom to build on ideas. For me, often after keeping my head down building on idea after idea, I’ll walk away from the challenge and realize that a new personal style have emerged.

Body of Work Improvements

If you don’t have a large body of work yet, sometimes it’s hard to be able to see where your strengths and weaknesses lay. A week after the 30-day challenge is over, I like to lay everything out and really think through what I like about my art and what could still use work. This helps me create a road map for my art education. I can seek out DVD workshops that specifically address those issues.

Community & Inspiration

I met my first internet friends through online art challenges. The internet is so vast, sometimes it’s hard to know how to find people. Art challenges create their own instant community and artists are happy to to engage with fellow participants in praise and encouragement. Those same artists inspire me every day to get into my studio and improve.


Sometimes our discipline needs a kick in the pants. The 30-day art challenge is that for me. It’s long enough to be a true challenge but short enough so that I can see the finish line when things get tough. At the end of it, I have a little extra confidence that I can make art a priority and push through frustration and setbacks. It reminds me that I do have what it takes to create a life committed to art. We all do.


Plus, it's really, really fun.


So, are you ready for a 30-day art challenge? Join me! Let me know you're participating. I’d love to see your work and say hi.

How the 30 day challenge works:

This particular challenge is run by the host of the podcast Artists Helping Artist, Leslie Saeta. It’s run through her website. All you do is sign up (no cost) and then upload an image to her blog every day during the challenge.

Sign up link and all the Instructions here.

September 1st, you’ll post images here:

Will you take part in the challenge? Email me

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