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Learn How to Work With (and Not Against) Watercolor

June 19, 2019 1 min read

Learn how to work with (and not against) watercolor

Learning to paint watercolor can be tricky. It looks really easy. Then when you try it, you realize there are a lot more variables in play than you bargained for.


We've seen artists have the most success once they've learned to accept some of the characteristics of watercolor. One is what watercolorist Ryan Fox speaks to here: You can't be hesitant. Watercolor waits for no one. (This is in part why we are not surprised that the award-winning watercolorists that walk through our doors all have planning as part of their process.)


So the next time you start a painting, do a little planning and then charge in boldly. Lay down confident strokes. Let the water do its thing without trying to assert too much control. You may totally ruin that painting, but we're pretty confident that in the process,  you will learn a lot about the true nature of this incredible medium.

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