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It's OK to Be Slow: Good Ideas Take Time

November 06, 2019 1 min read

There's a push to paint fast. Get an idea. Get it down on paper. Get another one. And so on and so forth.


And in our interviews and videos at Creative Catalyst we've noticed something: There is a time for fast and there is a time for slow.


One of those places is before a painting even begins. It's easy to forget this phase because it's unseen. It's remarkable, however, how much work an artist has done on the piece before she even picks up a pencil to start thumbnails.


The idea first lives in the back of her mind while she is out in the world living life. She is rolling it over and looking at it from different angles. And only when she is finally ready to start solving problems in the physical world, does she pick up a pencil and begin drawing. 

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