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It's OK If You Don't Know What You Love Painting Yet

June 12, 2019 1 min read

Learn to Paint abstractly

We absolutely love this idea from Ruth Armitage for two reasons.


First, it shows that even an artist as accomplished as Ruth took some time to figure out what she wanted to paint. You don't walk into being an artist fully formed. It's a journey that takes all sorts of twists and turns. What medium should I paint with? How do I use my tools? What techniques do I need to learn to be a better painter? And, what subject matter inspires me? 


Second, it makes us excited for people who haven't quite found their subject yet. If you are feeling ho-hum about what you're painting, it's OK to try something different. By switching up what you're painting you may discover that this new subject calls to you more strongly. Or, alternatively, you may find that you miss your old subject and you can now see it in a new light.

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