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It's Not Too Late To Set Art Goals

January 22, 2018 2 min read

If January 1 came and went and you're still scrambling to figure out your art goals for this year, fear not. Sure, there is something especially delicious about that January 1 start date, but it's still just an arbitrary date. Good goals can start any day you choose.


It's not too late to set art goals for 2018

When creating good art goals, it helps to understand the category of your goal. That way there won't be frustration down the road when a goal of marketing doesn't make you better at drawing. Because art goals can fall into several categories, including:

Quality of art: Are you trying to get better at your art?

Business of art: Are you trying to sell and market your art?

Accomplishments of art: Are you trying to win awards and get into shows?

There is cross over between the lists, but if your goal is to sell your work then that means you need to spend time making a website or putting your work up on a selling platform. Whereas if you're trying to get better at your art, you'll need to spend some time figuring out where you want to improve and then start working on that specific problem.


It's not too late to set art goals for 2018


Creative Catalyst workshops are a great way to improve your quality of art. What is something you are trying to improve at? Find a workshop that focuses on that and then make a goal to watch the whole thing and then work through the type of painting the teacher does. This isn't for purposes of copying. It's so you can try their techniques.


Next, try and figure out how to fold what you learned into your own style. This sort of focused work will have pretty significant results and this time next year, you'll be an even better painter.

What are your art goals for 2018? Where are you trying to improve?

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