How Working From Memory Can Help You Create a Stronger Painting

August 28, 2019 1 min read

Learn how to keep details to a minimum in your watercolor paintings

All of us painters struggle with details. They are just so fun to add and yet if we get carried away with them, it can lead to a weaker painting overall.

The way watercolorist Francesco Fontana gets around this is by painting from memory. He doesn't use his reference photo once he's done his sketches. His memory will serve as a guide for what's important about the scene. It's those important aspects that he'll transfer to his painting. 

This approach helps him create a stronger painting on several fronts. First, it makes sure his focal point is the star of the show. Second, it keeps details to a minimum. If he can't remember it, it doesn't go in. And third, it creates a wonderful mood in his work. He doesn't want to replicate a scene. We've got cameras for that! He wants to create a painting

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