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Get to Know Watercolorist Andy Evansen

March 06, 2019 2 min read

We are super excited that we'll be able to make Andy's fantastic video workshop "Secrets of Painting Watercolors Outdoors" available soon- at a SPECIAL PRICE- in the CCP shop. To celebrate, we're spending the next few weeks exploring Andy's beautiful work and life as an artist and teacher. If you want to be a part of the celebration (and get the special discount when his video is live) sign up for the VIP list here.



Watercolorist Andy Evansen has always loved to draw. When it was time to decide on a career, he knew he wanted something art related so he enrolled in the commercial illustration program at the University of Minnesota. After college, he made his living as a medical illustrator. And he got really really good at drawing.

However, when the illustration world made the transition to computers, he missed the tactile world of painting. So Evansen took a few workshops and began his second career (in tandem with his first) as a painter.

But this former President of Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) still would take a bit more time to become the plein air painter he is now known as.

“I learned painting from photos in the studio for a long time,” says Evansen in his video workshop, Secrets of Painting Watercolors Outdoors. “I kept hearing about the importance of going outside…. I just started doing it. And they were right. “

But it was hard for Evansen at first. He made many of the mistakes he now helps his students avoid like picking overly complicated subjects. But slowly he learned to find and choose more simplified subjects.

“Simple subjects make for great paintings,” he says “You don’t always have to paint St. Marks Square in Venice. There’s great there’s great subject matter all around us.”

Evansen also began to learn how to simplify the complicated world around him. He began to realize the power of smaller paper and a bigger brush. Also value studies.


In his video workshop, [available soon at a special price through Creative Catalyst!] he shows the benefits of both.

“Your job [as the artist] is to simplify the scene. To just catch the impression,” says Evansen.

This former studio artist is now completely in love with plein air painting. He acknowledges that plein air has its risks.


Sometimes a painting turns out great.

Other times, “It’ll crash and burn,” says Evansen. “The odds are equal to both but that’s ok.”

Because at the end of the day whether a painting is a next award winner or a complete disaster, spending a day out in front a scene painting is reward enough in and of itself.

“It really is everything, painting from life.”

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