Discover Your Next Favorite Watermedia: Gouache

March 06, 2018 2 min read

Gouache. The mysterious watermedia cousin of watercolor. Wonderfully opaque. Thick and creamy. Beautifully blendable. You may have just found love.

Learn how to paint gouache with Stephen Quiller


Water Media Foundation for the Painter with Stephen Quiller
Join Stephen Quiller in this comprehensive guide for the use of watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and casein and their combinations. There are thirteen chapters on these topics with a culminating exclusive interview chapter between his daughter, film maker Allison Quiller, and Stephen.

The You Factor: Powerful, Personal Design in Opaque Watercolor with Donna Zagotta
Discover the most interesting elements from your source material as you mold shapes and relationships to fit your unique vision. Donna Zagotta's inquisitive approach to design helps you create powerful compositions that say as much about you as they do about your subjects.


Learn how to paint gouache with Donna Zagotta

Figure Design in Gouache: The Process with Carla O'Connor
Carla O'Connor's painting process promotes unique, personal expression and rapid, artistic growth. Learn how she uses the human form as a springboard for powerful, expressive design. Each logical step in her process addresses a specific design issue. She modifies visual paths in her composition to keep the viewer inside the painting.


Learn how to paint gouache with Carla O'Connor

Watermedia on Yupo: Abstract Painting with Mark Mehaffey
Learn how to create an abstract figure from a nonobjective painting using watercolor techniques on a YUPO® surface. Mark provides the advantages and disadvantages of using watercolor and gouache on YUPO®, a synthetic paper, as well as a range of techniques and materials for applying paint and texture to your surface.

Gouache in the Wild with James Gurney
Travel with James Gurney on six plein-air painting adventures using opaque watercolor or gouache. Each episode demonstrates a different approach to the time-honored and versatile medium.


Learn how to paint gouache with Pat Weaver

Animal Portraits in Watermedia with Pat Weaver
Capture your pets personality with watermedia artist Pat Weaver, Pat's direct painting approach and limited palette help you strip away distractions and work fast on fur, whiskers, feathers, and other eye-catching textures.

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