Art Inspired by Creative Catalyst Videos

We love seeing art and creativity inspired by our teachers and videos. Here are some you have sent in.


Cynthia Hickson

Inspired by two of your DVD Susan Harrison-tustain and birgit O'Connor
painting children and rocks and colored glass.

"Will If You Will" by Cynthia Hickson

"Will If You Will" by Cynthia Hickson


Fred Braakman

This is a painting that I painted last year, inspired by John Saliman’s video “Urban Landscape in Watercolour”. My source for the painting was a photograph that I took when I was in Paris a few years ago. In fact the view point of the painting that I painted is the same viewpoint that John used for one of his paintings. 

 Eiffel-Tower-from-Avenue-de-la-Bourdonnais by Fred BraakmanEiffel-Tower-from-Avenue-de-la-Bourdonnais by Fred Braakman


 Melissa Saylor

 Dear Creative Catalyst Production Inc,

I am attaching three jpgs of the work I have been doing.   All images were done in cut paper.  Most of the paper used was hand painted by me.  I did use some old new paper in the background of The Bike Ride, but I also painted on it.


I started working in cut paper in 2013 and in  February of 2016 I ordered the Jane Davies Video, Scribble Collage with Hand Painted Paper.  I began painting, stamping, splattering etc.. soon after watching the video.  About a month later I ordered Anne Bagby's video called Collage Patterns and Glazing.  Which pushed me even further.  So today, I paint most of my own paper, which is much more satisfying than buying patterned paper.  I make my own stamps and stencils and also find various other things to make my paper interesting.  These videos took me to a whole new level in my artwork.  As you can see, my artwork has a look and feel all its own, even though I learned my skills from these two talented ladies.

Melissa Babcock Saylor
 "Red Dog with Garden" by Melissa Babcock Saylor
"Red Dog with Garden" by Melissa Babcock Saylor
"Cat in Zinnia" by Melissa Babcock Saylor
"Cat in Zinnia" by Melissa Babcock Saylor
"Bike Ride" by Melissa Babcock Saylor
"Bike Ride" by Melissa Babcock Saylor


Curt Gruel

An impression of a brilliant sunset on the Bighorn River in Montana, done from a photo I took standing in the water fishing for trout. I was inspired by the loose technique I learned from Hashim Akib's "Vibrant Acrylics."

Sunset, Bighorn River by Kurt Gruel

Sunset, Bighorn River (acrylic on canvas 19x13)

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

This is my response to a foggy morning in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in SW Oklahoma in May, with wildflowers blooming. I was greatly helped by Catherine Anderson's instructions in her "Creating Multiple Glazes in Watercolors."

"In a Fog" by Kurt Gruel
"In a Fog" (watercolor on paper, 15x11)


 Naomi Lassahn

This 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” watercolor piece came about by watching Karin Huehold’s “A Little Watercolour.”  I’ve never painted before and I just loved how beautiful paintings just emerged as I followed her instructions.  And too, I learned so much from her exercises.

Have a great day!


untitled  by Naomi Lassahn


Soniap Leggett

It was quite some years ago that I first saw Anne Bagby's work in a book about collage artists. Her intricately patterned images fascinated me and I really could not imagine how they were achieved, but at that time I could not find any more information about her. Much later, having bought a couple of other art DVDs from the CCP site, I was delighted to learn of a new release show-casing Anne's techniques. I have since bought all three of Anne's DVDs and have spent many happy hours lino-cutting, making foam stamps and printing papers for collages, handmade books and cards. I can truthfully say that of all the art demonstrations, videos, etc. I have watched, these have had the most lasting impression on me.

I am attaching one of my more recent collages - “Regal Lilies” approx 7” x 7”

The background consists of painted and hand-printed tissue paper, with the main subject lino-printed on book pages.


 Sonia Leggett

  “Regal Lilies” (approx 7” x 7”) Sonia LeggettRegal Lilies” (approx 7” x 7”) Sonia Leggett


Tina Clark

This piece was inspired by Jacqueline Sullivan’s video, “Acrylics: Textures, Layers and Metallics.” It is 16X20, mixed media, using all the techniques Jacqueline demonstrated. This was one of the first of your videos I bought, and it was the first time I had tried most of these techniques for textures, and I love the way the metallics shine through (although this is hard to see in a photograph).

 Thank you so much for your videos!

 Tina Clark

 untitled by Tina Clark



Claudia Balthrop

   Inspired by John Salminen Video:   A Designed Approach to Abstraction


"Adventure Series #1" by Claudia Bathrop
(Watercolor/collage on Arches cold press,    22x30)

Jane Benzie

I have purchased a number of your videos over the years and was particularly pleased to see two by Anne Bagby: Collage: Paper,Patterns and Glazing and Pattern and Form: Advanced Collage Techniques.  I have admired Anne's work for many years and loved the videos.  I also bought Scribble Collage with hand-painted paper with Jane Davies.  This too I found most informative. 

I have been drawing the human form for many years and have now started to "dress" my models using paper made with methods explained in these three videos.  Whilst, I use the paper in a different way to Anne Bagby, I found her tips most informative.


Janie Benzie, Artist
Western Australia

art by Janie Benzie, Artist


Maggy Herbert-Jobson

Hello - in your last CCP circular you asked for examples of work influenced or developed from your wonderful videos ...

I'm one of your fans from England - and Kelly illustrated some of my work some years ago - on one of your blogs, and so thought you might like to see a few more .

Each of these paintings were selected and hung in the Mall Galleries London - either for the prestigious  Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (a major national society for water media) and/or the Society of Women Artists.

I am a huge fan of Ann Bagby - and I have all her DVDs. And would like to thank her for her wonderful use of textures.

Delighted if you would like to use any of these images - but do please attribute the painting to me!

One of the earlier submissions ended up on Pinterest, wasn't attributed, and ended up under another painter's name.

If helps, do have a look at my web site: 

Warmest wishes from across the Pond! Please let me know what you think,


 Time Stands Still - Maggy Herbert-Jobson
Time Stands Still - Maggy Herbert-Jobson


 by Maggy Herbert-Jobson

by Maggy Herbert-Jobson

Sagnik Biswas

Over the years, I have been greatly influenced by the excellent videos that you had in store .. of particular interest are the following 2 :

1) One Night @ Sarlat (size 14" wide x 19" high on 300 gsm NOT watercolor paper) was influenced by CARL DALIO's Color Power: The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color with Carl Dalio ... where I learnt the bold use of colors & how it can enhance a composition. To practice, I specifically selected this night scene, as I thought the contrast of light & shade would be very high & would give me an opportunity to try out very strong chroma ... the basic color scheme in this painting is Yellow & Black - which gives very high chromatic contrast.

"One Night @ Sarlat" (size 14" wide x 19" high) by Sagnik Biswas"One Night @ Sarlat" (size 14" wide x 19" high) by Sagnik Biswas


2) No. 2 - size 15" wide & 22" high on 300 gsm NOT watercolor paper - is a scene based in Ronda, Spain. I painted this scene after being influenced by JUDY MORRIS's Tuscan Textures: Rich Textures Using Salt with Judy Morris .... where she so wonderfully explained different ways of creating textures ... I tried to create that kind of effect in the background wall, house & doors (using salt, rough brush strokes etc) - the strong, rough texture (I thought) would contrast very well with the mellow, drooping foreground figure.


I thank CCP videos for making available their wonderful collection of valuable art resources. 


Art by Sagnik Biswas

Art by Sagnik Biswas

 Best,  Sagnik Biswas


Alice Tetamore

Below are some evaluative comments on the use of two Creative Catalyst videos. Hope these are helpful to you.


Last fall the DVD A Solid Start in Watercolor by Lynn Powers was used to instruct a beginners in watercolor workshop at our Art Center in Brownsville which I facilitated.  The 6 students in the class were enthusiastic about the techniques and concepts that were presented.  Several said that they had taken other watercolor classes but none of those classes taught the strategies that were included in this video.  Also the sections for each painting were paced well.  As instructor I did an example of each the paintings for reference and also to anticipate issues the students might encounter.  

The good news is that another group of 7 are taking the class this Spring and are enjoying it.  The students did enjoy doing the the homework paintings that were included for which I made watercolor paper available.

Also, the first group wanted to follow up with a Landscape class by Dale Laitinen.  The style was much looser and offered the opportunity to work with 300 lb. Arches and large brushes.  As the facilitator I found I needed to paint several versions of each painting to have an example closer to Dale’s paintings.  This probably was due to inexperience with large brushes and being a tighter painter.  The layering  of light to dark was a good feature and the value study was helpful in establishing a better understanding of values.  Also it was necessary to break down Dale’s instructions into smaller units and for the color version I made a list of color combinations to use for the different landscape features.

The large brush Dale used was far superior to and way more expensive than hake ones we used.  I thought for beginning painters that keeping the cost down was important.  It was a learning experience for me also as a painter.  The overall response of the students was positive and felt it was worth repeating for another group.


 Alice Tetamore

Brownsville Art Center