Anne Bagby Artist Update

Posted March 14 2017

Anne BagbyAs you may know, I bought a house at auction in Winchester in 2010.  My husband and I have fixed up this house as an art studio. This move has allowed me to have workshops close to home, and to limit travel for classes.  I have been able to concentrate on my work and spend more time at my painting. (So far it has been a project without end. There is always something more to do with an old house. And with art, too!)

During the last couple of years, I have become interested in Anatomy and Drawing classes that I have been taking on the web.  The graphic industry out of California has need of young artists that can draw from their imagination for games, movies and comics. These classes are intended for them.  I have joined their ranks and love that I can take such demanding and interesting classes without leaving my home in Tennessee.  The main benefit of the classes has been an increase in my confidence in my drawing. I think my CC videos that I did with you fills a similar function for artists wanting to take a workshop with me but who can’t make it to Tennessee.

Sketchbook drawing by Anne Bagby

Sketchbook Drawing by Anne Bagby

Pattern and drawing are the twin interests I have had over the years and with these classes I have been able to really concentrate on form and line and the human body.  What fun! At the same time I have begun to work bigger.  This means bigger brushes, more paint, bigger patterns and bigger paper.  One change has made a lot of difference in my techniques.

Anne Bagby

I have continued to be interested in letter shapes and words.  Letter shapes seem to me to be the ubiquitous patterns of the modern world. Print is everywhere! Using letterforms and words is not exactly a subject, or a new idea but a way of expressing more about the figure.  The great thing about art is that there is always something new to try or to learn.  You never have to retire!Anne Bagby