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Enjoy the Process

February 12, 2013 1 min read 2 Comments

I don't consider myself a very patient person. I do consider myself a persistent person. It can be an awkward combination. 
That said, I'm trying to learn to draw. I've read that it takes about two years of persistent practice. (I define practice as serious attempts, not doodling, although I imagine that helps as well.) I think my frustration and impatience was intensified because my motive for learning to draw was, basically, in order to paint better. I saw drawing as a path to something else. That, in turn, intensified my impatience.
I’m happy to report that this has all changed with my embrace of drawing as an end in itself. I’ve come to enjoy the feel of the pencil as it runs across the paper, the love of line, shading, thick and thin marks. Yes, it's still a struggle. Perhaps more so now that my appreciation of good drawing has bumped up a notch or two. But my patience has increased, because the process is more enjoyable.
This is an important lesson for me. I know that it has a lot to do with what I choose to focus on. It's like when the kids were young and parenting classes said to "catch them being good". I need to pay attention to the part that I enjoy rather than amplify the failures that accompany any attempt at growth. 
I've heard it so many times but now it has greater meaning: Enjoy the process.
Happy painting… or whatever!

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lily silver
lily silver

September 10, 2013

good article. I dislike drawing as well, and shy away from it as an artist. Ot is probably because I have little patience for it and am not that good at it. If I took your advice and simply applied myself more, it would probably help improve my techniques.


May 23, 2013

Loved it

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