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Out From Behind the Camera

December 31, 2007 2 min read

I rarely get the opportunity to use our products as a customer might by working along with the DVD one chapter at a time. This past week was different. I played hooky with a group of art buddies down at my mom's home in the Bay Area. There were seven of us total. I brought Creative Catalyst workshops and art supplies so we could try a variety of techniques.


It was a valuable experience to be a user of our products rather than someone involved in trying to calculate what is important when putting a DVD workshop together. As a consumer, it became apparent that multiple viewing was necessary for serious learning and chapters were critical to saving time. I repeated some chapters and skipped others after the first viewing. The second and third time through the DVD I'd hear a tidbit of information I'd missed before but this just happened to be the missing piece that made all the difference to my success. I simply could not take it all in with a single viewing.


It also was interesting to observe how each of us was attracted to different aspects of a teacher's teachings, but never the whole teaching in its entirety. No one became a Nicholas Simmons clone. (There was one Jan Kunz but she was already Jan Kunz). We gathered information and pushed ourselves without loosing ourselves in the process. We gave ourselves permission to "dance along the edge of the abyss", as Carla would say. It was fun but completely exhausting. I return to Creative Catalyst with an increased appreciation for the teachers and the students, and ready for another vacation.


Cheers ~ Lynn

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