March 21, 2011 1 min read

Watercolor Workshop DVD-Video by Ratindra Das

Some artists display bravery by sticking to a personal sense of design, one that's substantially different from the crowd. That's especially true when an artist lacks recognition.  Self-doubt can easily murder the muse in any artist.

Of all the watercolor artists we've filmed, Ratindra Das has one of the most distinctive style: hard edges, stylized shapes, strong color. Chances are when you see a Das painting, you know it's a Das painting. For the past four years Ratindra has been experiencing a dry spell. Hopefully that will change with his recent, much-deserved recognition from the American Watercolor Society. Ratindra has been awarded the Mary and Maxwell Desser memorial award (for Malaysia Village) and the prestigious Dolphin Fellowship . When you see the initials ''DF'' at the end of an AWS member's signature, that's what it signifies. It means Ratindra has accrued sufficient points in the AWS system by winning still another award. He has endured.

Ratindra's process begins with modifying and designing his source material. He is never satisfied with his first solution. He pushes. Ratindra's approach offers a good lesson to any artists who feel their art is not fully expressing a personal vision.

You don't have to want to paint like Ratindra to learn from his process. Take a peek! Today and Friday Ratindra will be sharing with us all how he approaches his subject matter through reference photos.

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