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Artist Update: Barbara Nechis

July 22, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

Barbara Nechis is the featured artist in two Creative Catalyst DVDs: Watercolor from Within: Transparent Layering with Barbara Nechis and Tools for Transforming Troubled Watercolors with Barbara Nechis.  We received this update in July, 2015.


As always, painting comes first for me and although I continue to teach I make sure that I take off months at a time in order to paint. My work seems to be evolving and moving towards the abstract. Although shapes have always been more important to me than subjects, my design sense continues to become stronger. I also spend more time in the studio experimenting with ink, sumi-e' ink, and textured papers.  My recent piece in AWS reflects this. I remember as a young painter trying to push myself beyond painting subjects to trying to paint the essence of the subject without the actual depiction.  I am again pushing myself beyond the essence of subject, mine being landscape, using my vocabulary of shapes to force myself and my viewers to see forms without relating them to objects. My attention to detail, small shapes and depth is still there but I am also exploring ink and sumi-e which I studied many years ago.

 Alpenglow by Barbara Nechis

Appleglow by Barbara Nechis


I have become more involved with an International group of artists. Invitations to exhibit in China and Thailand and workshops at the International Art Center in Dubai and the University of Costa Rica have made me more aware of a larger group of artists and Face book has helped me to maintain these friendships.  I have judged several international exhibitions on Face book

Beyond the Ridge by Barbara Nechis-

Beyond the Ridge by Barbara Nechis


I find that my DVDs are great teaching aids as they prepare students for my classes with "close-up" demos of how I work and clear explanations of my thought process. It's just like having a private lesson or taking a workshop at home.

 Blowing in the Wind by Barbara Nechis-

Blowing in the Wind by Barbara Nechis-


My favorite painting is often the one that I have just finished as each is a journey. Hopefully in the coming years this will continue. A painting is finished when I am satisfied that every shape, value, color is what it needs to be. I reevaluate constantly and go back and change things as needed. I guess it is done when it is sold and I can't get my hands on it.

Blue mood by Barbara Nechis-

Blue mood by Barbara Nechis


Fascinating Rhythm (2) by Barbara Nechis-

Fascinating Rhythm (2) by Barbara Nechis


Into the Woods by Barbara Nechis

Into the Woods by Barbara Nechis


Pleistocene_22x30 by Barbara Nechis

Pleistocene_22x30 by Barbara Nechis

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April 23, 2017

I love her style of watercolor painting, and I loved her video on flower painting too. And I have her book Watercolor from the Heart. She doesn’t hold anything back and really guides you to creating your own kind of watercolor paintings, please encourage her to make more instructional videos.

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