Artist Update: Creative Catalyst Artist Dayle Doroshow

June 25, 2015 3 min read 2 Comments

Dayle DoroshowWe recently asked Dayle Doroshow for an update since filming at Creative Catalyst.  Here is what we learned and a few recent pieces Dayle has done.

Since filming the DVD's I've been busy teaching around the US at various guilds and art retreats and I am teaching in France for my 12th summer at La Cascade!

Do you remember any highlights about your visit to Creative Catalyst to film your video(s)?

My main memory was how nervous I was about doing the filming and how wonderful Jim and Lynn were at puttine me at ease. The 5 DVD's I shot were a joy to do and a lot of hard work too!

Did creating a video change your career path in any way?

Creating the dvd's made it possible for my art to reach people that I would not have been able to meet at an "in person" class. But thru them getting the dvd's and thru email I have been able to establish relationships with many who bought the dvd's. Many have contacted me with compliments about the techniques and with followup questions.

Tell us how your art has changed / evolved in the last few years?

My art has changed a bit. I am using more color in my work and am incorporating fabric also with the polymer clay. Definitely textiles/fabric are catching my eye now. I am making large fabric collages that incorporate polymer clay and also jewelry that blends polymer clay and fabrics along with antique and vintage French flea market treasures.

What inspires you to keep creating?

Many many things inspire me: right now fashion design inspire me.

Have you had some obstacles to overcome to continue art?  How did you overcome them?

My main obstacle is to find the time to make personal art. The business side of art takes a lot of time. Planning classes, making workshop samples, applying to places to teach, making exhibition pieces and trying to keep sales inventory made - many balls to juggle. What I am trying to find a better balance for is for my own personal exploration and experimenter art-making time for new art.


Are you continuing to teach art?

Yes I teach in the US Oct-April and in France May June and July.

What are some of the most common questions your students have?  

I would say the main question I get has to do with the polymer technique using photocopy transfers. The question most asked is what kind of copier makes the best transfers.

Do you use your videos (or others) in your teaching?

I teach many of the techniques in the videos in my workshops but I don't show the videos. I tell everyone about them and guide them to your website.

New books, videos, shows, galleries, awards?

I've been in many shows since I shot the Dvd's. The most recent is at OddFellow's Gallery in Mendocino CA- a Book art show. I showed several polymer clay books and some fabric/polymer clay collages.

Where do you see your art taking you in the next 5 to 10 years?  Hopes and dreams?

My hopes and dreams are to make a new body of art work and also I am working on a new book which will combine my art, my life in France and personal stories of what inspires me.


Dayle Doroshow is a Mixed media/ Polymer clay artist and owner of design studio Zingaro, stamp of distinction in California.

She trained in traditional ceramics at Riverside Bell Tower Pottery program and the Columbia University Extension program in New York City and sold her pottery in Greenwich Village shops.

Her jewelry, home decor, ethnic figures and handcrafted books can be seen at art shows and galleries on the West Coast. Dayle enjoys teaching and sharing her techniques in workshops across the United States and in France.

Learn more about Dayle at her website:

and her Blog:


2 Responses

Alice. Jenks
Alice. Jenks

July 02, 2015

I enjoyed the interview. I have a little piece I made in a workshop with you when you were here in the Chicago area several years ago. It’s a little lady embellished with beads and feathers. She is on the shelf over my sink so I enjoy looking at her every day, I love your new use of fabrics.

Sammie Williams
Sammie Williams

July 02, 2015

Dayle is a wonderful teacher both in person and via DVD. I will be joining her in France in July2015 for her “Exploring France” class. I’m a big fan and will look forward to any future books or DVDs she generously produces for purchase. Her book “Creative Sparks” is a excellent tool for me and anyone who gets bogged down in their studio and needs a constructive “spark” to help them pull themselves out of the molasses of indecision. I’ve used it many times to help me see my work in a different light. Thank you Dayle for being so generous.

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