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Artist Update: Creative Catalyst Artist Jean Pederson

June 22, 2015 3 min read 1 Comment

We recently contacted Artist Jean Pederson who filmed with us a few years ago to see what she's been doing along her "artist's path".  She also sent along some recent examples of new art work.



Jean, what have you been doing since filming at Creative Catalyst?
I have written another book “Mixed Media Painting Workshop” with F&W Publications.


Do you remember any highlights about your visit to Creative Catalyst to film your video(s)?
I Loved meeting you as a family!! What a lovely location you have for visiting artists. I also remember the awesome drive both you and Lynn took me on to see the Oregon coast. Thank you so much for such a fantastic experience.

Did creating a video change your career path in any way?
The video was my first. The video really helped me with advertising as a workshop instructor.
What did other artists or students say about your video?
I have received very positive feedback about my Creative Catalyst video. It isn't enough to have a good presentation of clear lessons; the editing team of yours is crucial to the success of the final product.

Tell us how your art has changed / evolved in the last few years?
I am using a lot more mixed media and acrylic to paint with although I still do paint with watercolour.

What inspires you to keep creating?
Learning! Growing as an artist really inspires me.

Have you had some obstacles to overcome to continue art?  How did you overcome them?
It is tough to balance aging parents, children and commitment to career. You just have to press on.

Are you continuing to teach art?
I am teaching on a regular basis, I love teaching and have been fortunate to travel to many areas to teach workshops.

What are some of the most common questions your students have?
I think that a common issue with students is the lack of intentions. What you you want to paint? How do you want to paint it? What elements and principles of design will you emphasize to tell your story? 

Do you use your videos (or others) in your teaching
I don’t use the videos in a workshop. The videos are a great resource for home and studio time when the instructor is not accessible.

Do you have any new books, videos, shows, galleries, awards, etc. you would like to tell us about?

  • “Mixed Media Painting Workshop
  • Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Several magazine articles

Have you learned anything new about art marketing?
Oh this is an area that Jim could teach me a lot about!!

Has the internet changed what you are creating or how you are marketing?
Yes, It is so convenient for communicating ideas and events.

Do you have any advice to someone who wants to learn to paint?
Paint, Paint, Paint. Paint when you are joyful, heartbroken, lonely , busy, content, discouraged. Just paint through your life events.

How do you know when to quit (a painting)?
When it feels right. When nothing is bothering you about when you stare at the painting.

Where do you see your art taking you in the next 5 to 10 years?  Hopes and dreams?
Oh how I wish I had a crystal ball!
I want to continue to challenge myself in my work. I hope to expand my gallery representation and welcome opportunities that come to me.


Learn more about Jean on her website:


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Nancy Topping Bazin
Nancy Topping Bazin

June 30, 2015

A delightful interview—short and to the point. I especially love your 3 top paintings of people.

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