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Two Paths

May 09, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

Over the past couple of decades, I've been involved in filming over 90 workshops. I've especially loved witnessing how each teacher has found for themselves what works for them. I've been swept up by their enthusiasm.


Lately I've stepped back from the business of Creative Catalyst to give myself more time to paint. I recognize that I've been very fortunate to become acquainted with some incredible artists and technique but now I need to synthesize what I've learned. To achieve that I've adopted the discipline of listening only to my own muse. But apparently my muse has a mouthy twin sister. The two voices are directing me along two very different paths. One path is the juicy style of transparent watercolor and the other is a hard edged graphic style. I love both.


I've been told that to get good at anything one needs to focus. But to get good, or at least better, I need to enjoy what I'm doing so I continue doing it.  And I don't want to deny something that seems so inherent in my nature. I've tried that and I get really cranky.


So I'm embracing both styles. This past weekend I've been working on an air brushed piece with flat shapes and solid opaque colors. It's given me ideas on how to resolve some issues I've been working on in the juicy style of painting. It will be interesting so see how the two impact one another over the long haul.


Meanwhile, I've referred back to several of the workshops in order to freshen up on techniques. Mark Mehaffey's points on transferring frisket and exacto techniques (Build, Design & Color Using a Mouth Atomizer with MarkMehaffey) have been a very welcomed friend.




Originally Posted, March, 2012 


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mark mehaffey
mark mehaffey

May 12, 2015

Thank you….and is my oatmeal ready?;-) Hugs!

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