Draw with Confidence-David Kitler

Posted March 05 2015

David N. Kitler's drawings are works of art in simple graphite. Even so, he sometimes adds color to accentuate a special feature, as seen with this bald eagle:

Bald Eagle Diptych-by David Kitler


In "Early Arrival" Kitler added red to separate the cardinal from the background and to illustrate its dominant color. 

Kitler uses the process he teaches in his DVD workshop, Draw with Confidence, to capture accurate likenesses in the wild or in the studio. David has developed a straightforward method for observing and conveying the information critical to successful drawing. He helps you see basic shapes, locate important value shifts, understand the role of different pencil grades, create depth, and so much more. David combines these skills to help you develop a center of interest and lead the viewer's eye around your composition. In the workshop, David reviews basic concepts in a series of short lessons and then demonstrates the entire process by completing a lifelike, fully textured drawing of a ground squirrel. Drawing like Early Arrival are perfect for holiday cards and gifts.

To learn more, check out David's DVD workshop, Draw with Confidence: From Basic to Brilliant

David Kitler Filming