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Creative Catalyst Artist Audio Interviews

April 29, 2015 4 min read

Learning to paint is part learning to use the tools and part learning to think. Creative Catalyst Productions has had the chance to talk with some pretty amazing artists over the years, and after many of our DVD workshops, we record an interview. 

We had a customer, David, write in and ask if there was one place where we listed all the artist audio interviews we have on our site. We didn't, but that changes right now!

Here are the following audio interviews we have created. 


And now we've added some of our video interviews as well.


Interview with Susan Bourdet & Lynn Powers



Interview with Anne Bagby, Mixed Media


Collage artist Anne Bagby has been painting for more than 20 years in Winchester, Tennessee. She's had over 40 one-person shows, and several of her works were selected for the (Art in Embassies program). I get my patterns from everywhere - fabric stores, wall paper and Dover books. The stamps are cut with lino-cutters using the v-tips. For small stamps, I use an exacto knife. I print layers of pattern, texture and glazes,  watercolor first, then acrylic, brushes, squeeze bottles and sponges. This process produces a rich, complex surface.


 Interview withLinda Baker, Watercolor

As a professional watercolor artist Linda Baker, is intrigued by the gentle translucence of nature. She considers her work to be a contemporary approach to traditional subject matter. Striving to simplify the complicated while seeing the unique in the ordinary, she captures the essence of gentle scenes with harmonious strokes.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Virginia Cobb, Abstract Acrylic

 "Bird Game" by Virginia Cobb

Virginia Cobb is well-known for her dynamic, abstract painting style. She constantly challenges herself and her students to keep the work fresh and stimulating. Her innovative and exciting view of the creative process and the work she produces have gained her recognition nationally and internationally.



Polly Hammett, Watercolor/Gouache, Figures

According to Polly Hammett, "Each of us is as individual as our fingerprints. This individuality is a result of a lifelong accumulation of information gathered from personal experiences and impressions which provide a strong foundation for future independent growth in our painting as well as all areas of our lives."




Sherrill Kahn, Mixed Media

Sherrill Kahn has been creating award-winning drawings, paintings and fiber art work for almost forty years. Her work can be found in many private collections throughout the world. She loves to weave, quilt, airbrush, bead, sew, knit, crochet, draw, paint and create with rubber stamps. In addition, Sherrill makes creative books, innovative jewelry and dolls, she paints and decorates every surface imaginable, and she constantly explores new materials and new techniques. She lives by four simple words "Have Fun" and "What If?"

Part 1:  ?

Part 2: 

David Kitler, Acrylic and Drawing, Wildlife


Grounded in the experience of nature, David N. Kitler explores the combination of drawing and acrylic media. Appreciation of animals and birds in their natural setting has motivated Kitler to continue his exceptional drawing and acrylic work. In his educational, creative and inspiring drawing and painting instructional videos, Kitler demonstrates his masterful techniques and the results that have led to his international prominence.


Dale Laitinen, Watercolor, Landscape

Dale Laitinen has been painting for over forty years with thirty five of those in watercolor. Although a native of northern Minnesota, Dale Laitinen has lived most of his life in  Northern California where he currently resides. One of the signatures of a Laitinen painting is the long view with the natural forms of the topography being foremost. His works extend to the interaction between structures such as roads, dams, canals, powerhouses, and the natural landscape. In one of these paintings one might find a concrete dam that spans a river canyon, or a highway that cuts through desert sandstone, or a shadow of a bridge that crawls slowly across a red rock wall.

Barbara Nechis, Watercolor


Nationally acclaimed watercolor artist, teacher, art show juror, and author, Barbara Nechis invites you to question traditional instruction, to be self-guiding, and to rely on your inner resources for a well-spring of artistic ideas. Nechis explains specific methods and watercolor techniques step-by-step, guiding students to discover their creative source and to achieve fresh new effects in the watercolor painting.




Carla O'Connor, Figurative, Gouache

Carla O'Connor has worked extensively with all media, from oil to pastel, but eventually found her love in gouache. O'Connor believes every medium is capable of saying something different. Gouache was the one that finally spoke truest to her. With gouache O'Connor creates shapes (she's a self described "shape maker,") using the human form as her guide. As an artist, O'Connor focuses on design. Many of her workshops focus on incorporating design principles into students' work.



Donna Zagotta, Figurative, Gouache

Active professionally for more than 20 years, Donna Zagotta is a nationally recognized artist, teacher, and juror. Zagotta's paintings have evolved from an early emphasis on traditional watercolor techniques and traditionally influenced realism to an unconventional use of the watercolor medium and the exploration of the area that lies between realism and abstraction. Zagotta has a passion for art history with a special interest in Modernism and finds inspiration in the work of Edouard Vuillard, Henri Matisse, and Richard Diebenkorn. This list includes the master painters who were more focused on expressing color and spatial ideas than in rendering the particulars of subject matter.


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