Filming Craig Nelson: Plein Air in Oil with Craig Nelson

Posted February 19 2015

In late summer, 2007 we filmed Craig Nelson in a plein-air setting.  Because we were outdoors, this was a particularly challenging DVD to film.

Lynn and I scouted locations in advance and decided on a bluff above the Calapooia River, about a mile from the Creative Catalyst studio.  We figured that we were close enough to run back and forth if we needed supplies.  We were also a few hundred feet off the rural road that runs by here.


Sound is a big issue when filming.  We had to contend with passing cars, trucks, farm equipment and school busses.  We also had an occasional airplane passing overhead.  Thank the Lord we didn’t have a crop dusting airplane come over, that happens on occasion.  We did, however, have a breeze that wreaked havoc on our microphones.


Direct sun and shade is another problem when filming outdoors.  Zach and Kelly decided we should have a shade screen, and we rented an outdoor shade with a robust stand for this purpose.  It had to be moved to keep Craig in shade during the shooting.


The sun also caused a problem for me as a camera operator.  I couldn’t see my monitor.  So I draped myself in a black cloth.  You can see my feet sticking out in this picture.

We filmed with three cameras.  One was overhead, one to the left and one behind.


Here is the progression of Craig’s painting.



 About Craig Nelson: