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About Previews

January 09, 2015 1 min read

We started Creative Catalyst in 2001.  At that time VHS tapes were being sold in art stores with no way for customers to see what was inside.  We realized that, unlike books, there was no way to peruse the product before deciding if the content was worth owning.

It was clear to us that customers needed to see preview clips of what was in the videos.  So we began producing these for each of our DVDs (then VHS).  We were the first to start showing preview clips on our website.  Soon every producer followed suit and made clips.

When we carry DVDs from other producers, we ask them if they have a video clip we can use.  I am surprised, at times, by the lack of content in some of these preview clips.  They simply do not show enough variety of scenes so that one can judge its content.

As a producer, who pays the editor's wages, I understand the cost pressures.  It can take hours to produce a good preview clip and there is a temptation to minimize this expense by just grabbing a one to two minute segment and call it "good enough."

I feel the need to apologize to you, our customers when we post a video clip that has inadequate content value.  You can help by informing us if you find a preview clip on our website that does not adequately show you what's in the DVD you purchased.  When we can get permission, we will make new preview clips to replace these.

Thanks for being part of a wonderful art community.

- Jim - 


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