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15-Minute Sketch: Dancing

July 15, 2021 1 min read

This week, we've been thinking about the human form. So grab your paper and pencil and get some drawing practice in. It only takes 15-minutes! This week, the theme is dancing.  

And if you want to explore three distinct ways to express the human form through art, check out Carla O'Connor's Figure Design in Gouache, Polly Hammet's Design the Figure, and Karen Knutson's Fun with Acrylics

We'd love to see what you're sketches! Send your drawings to Kelly@CCPVideos.com!


Please note: The video does not include audio. Five reference photos will be on the screen each for 3 minutes each. Think of it like your no-excuses reference photo slideshow. Ready, set, sketch!



Links to original images here:


Image 1: Hands during dancing 

Image 2: Group at a wedding

Image 3: Ballet dancers

Image 4: Couple dancing


Image 5: Group dancing outside

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