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New to the Shop: Watercolor Workshops by Artist Sterling Edwards

April 18, 2016 2 min read

We are thrilled to begin carrying three watercolor instructional workshops by artist Sterling Edwards including Luminous Watercolor: The Wooded Landscape, Luminous Watercolor: Forest Waterfall and Luminous Watercolor: The Evening Landscape and Luminous Watercolor. Edwards is a natural on camera and his decades of experience get a chance to shine throughout the workshops.


Luminous Watercolor: The Wooded Landscape




Create a wooded landscape using watercolor along with Sterling Edwards in this exciting painting video download. By focusing on negative shapes and other watercolor landscape painting techniques, you'll watch as a fall scene comes together before your eyes. This demonstration includes tips on Sterling Edwards' four-step process for creating a luminous quality in your watercolor painting and shows you how to paint a landscape. Learn more here.



Luminous Watercolor: Forest Waterfall




In this watercolor painting video Sterling Edwards takes you step by step through many top watercolor painting techniques for how to paint water, trees and more. Learn how to paint a waterfall scene from start to finish with these great tips and easy-to-follow instruction. Great for beginners or more experienced watercolor artists, Sterling's instruction makes creating the same effects on your own canvas seem easy and natural. Learn more here.


 Luminous Watercolor: The Evening Landscape and Luminous Watercolor





Sterling Edwards shows you how to paint a warm, serene evening glow on a snow-covered field. Sterling starts with a few demos on how to use bristle brushes for everything from graded washes to grass texture. Then he puts his trusty brushes and four-step process to use as he paints a snowy scene--paint the midtones, lay in darkest darks, selectively glaze, add final details. His painting method is a great guide no matter what your subject! Learn more here.


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