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Clip From Sherrill Kahn's DVD Workshop

April 25, 2016 1 min read

Sherrill Kahn's DVD workshop, Acrylic Paint Pizzazz, is on sale this week, and looking back through the mixed media workshop, I was reminded just how much we can learn from Kahn's "What If" mindset. So often in art we stop when we aren't sure what something will look like, but Kahn encourages us to take the leap. Sure, occasionally we will stumble, but mostly we will learn more than we ever could if we didn't as the "What If" question.

See a bit of Sherrill Kahn's "What If" in action as she shows us how to turn a simple styrophoan plate as a stamp ready for all kinds of mixed media art and grab Acrylic Paint Pizzazz today!


Styrofoam Plate Printing with Sherrill Kahn from Creative Catalyst on Vimeo.


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