Saying Goodbye to Artist Martha Saudek

Posted April 01 2016

Creative Catalyst had the honor of working with Martha on her workshop, Sunlight on Oak Creek: Applying the Lessons of Plein Air to Photographic Reference with Martha Saudek.

Martha was born on November 27,1923.  She was passionate about art and painting her whole life.  In her early teens, an uncle she never met who was an art critic for the New York Sun newspaper would send her professional watercolor materials.  She would send her finished pieces to him and he would then send her a critique.   Orphaned while still a teenager, a sorority sister of her mother's paid for her college education. She worked as an elementary school teacher. Upon retirement in the late 70's she decided to "see how far I can go' as a professional artist.  She has paintings hanging in museums in Taiwan and Japan. Her work is also in private collections around the world.