Lynn, Goodbye

Posted March 06 2016

“So...what will you do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver -


“Nothing changes - between heartbeats - everything changes.”  

- Jim Powers -

The good news is... Creative Catalyst will continue its mission.


The sad, nearly unspeakable news is:

In the early morning hours, March 1, 2016, one human being, embracing life and art, broke her heart and ours and left us behind in shock and disbelief.  Lynn was my girlfriend, co-creator, wife, companion, friend in laughter and sadness and other countless ways.  43 years together in marriage. Nearly 66 years in life.  A blip in the expanse of space-time.


Some, reading this will have known Lynn’s humorous wisdom face to face.  Some only through this newsletter, some as you listen to the video introductions narrated by Lynn; fondly known as “the voice of Creative Catalyst”.  Some of you may have only known her by visiting Creative Catalyst where she and I co-created an imagined dream starting at the dawn of the Millennium.  It soon grew with additional crew and editors: Kelly, our daughter and her (soon to be) husband Zach and of course Susan.  Because of them and you we flourished.


Some of you have given us the supreme gift of your visits to our home around the excuse of filming a video.  Lynn, and I cherished each visit.  How wonderful to get to know each of you and sometimes your spouse or dog.  You each came up in memory and casual conversation, often.   To you we are eternally grateful for who you are and what you give to art, your human spirit and creativity.


Some, reading this today have known Lynn as a watercolor teacher.  Some as a colleague at a workshop or study group, some in your shared duties in the Watercolor Society of Oregon.


All of you have a shared love bordering on healthy addiction to creating art, growing as an artist, sharing your acquired wisdom with your fellows and through your art as a human being.  What a fabulous community to be part of as Lynn’s companion in life.


Whether you read this in our newsletter or on our website or it has been forwarded to you by a friend, you all have known Lynn.  Her words, spirit, wit, voice, creativity, and love for art and nature are infused in the swirling waters of Creative Catalyst.


Some of you have only known Lynn and Creative Catalyst as customers.  I wish to thank each of you especially for your purchases and loyalty over the years.  Without you there is no Creative Catalyst.  We are a small family dream with one super efficient staff member, Susan who many of you have communicated with and all of you have touched as she also packs and ships each DVD with her capable hands.  Lynn and I are grateful to her on a daily basis.


Lynn’s evolution as a watercolor artist was in full bloom at her death, as was her beloved garden.  It is you, our customers and Susan our staff that gave her the gift of time to create art full-time.  So you are each, partially to blame for her success and happiness in art.  And I send each of you a hug and a cry.


Lynn had just achieved a milestone that some of you are past and all of you can achieve, if you put in the "brush miles" and have patient and persistent faith in listening to your precious, though sometimes quiet, inner voice.  Lynn had just become trusting of her own style and was excited to begin an exploration of “strong women.”  I had the joy and pleasure of watching her winning the epic struggle (more often than not) of the dance of mind, imagination, hope, hand, brush, paper, paint and water.  To nourish the creative seed into life, an idea, gestation, the first bold or tentative, hopeful, line or stroke, that would bring to life the inner person of each subject for others to behold.

I think I’ve just described life.


If you will indulge me, I would like to share further thoughts of Lynn in future newsletters and/or blog entries.  It is helpful for me to be able to write about her to other artists who have a shared creative spirit.


Lynn lived in full Gratitude for her full life.  It just ended too soon.


Lynn’s Book of Life

We are not the usual “business” and you are not the “usual” customers, so I am taking the liberty of asking you for something special.


I would like to leave a living story of Lynn for her/our grandchildren.  Max is 4, Audrey 3, Lillian a few weeks old, and yet unnamed granddaughter aka “Peanut”, due in April.


I only know Lynn from one point of view.  You know here from thousands.  Together we can paint a more dimensional picture of who this human being is.  It is my preference that you give this some thoughtful space and write stories, draw, paint of your times with Lynn, observations about her (positive and negative), or about any words she may have spoken or written that had a special effect on your life, or personal reactions to any of her paintings or images. How has Lynn’s creative expression of life caused an effect on yours? And photos you may have taken of Lynn would also be wonderful.


I realize I am asking much from you in your “wild and precious lives” to take time for this.  And I also know that this is the only time that your outpouring of love for Lynn will make it possible.  I also believe that it is the greatest gift I can leave those who are too young to have known their grandma.

This is a “guilt free” zone.  And I will treasure each of your contributions to Lynn’s Book of Life.

Please send email versions to Kelly who is collecting them for the family:

For those who wish to send a paper copy by snail mail use:  PO box 767, Albany, OR 97321.

Lynn Powers Art – WSO Memorial fund

Our kids and I are thinking of some memorial that can be left to the future of art.  We will be contributing to a fund for artist awards and scholarships for the Oregon Watercolor Society where Lynn built many friendships.  We think she would like this as this perpetual gifts to artists will nourish their growth past that day when Lynn’s physical life can do so.

Send donations to “Oregon Watercolor Society” through Creative Catalyst.  PO Box 767, Albany, OR 97321.  Or use LynnPowersWSOFund  ( for online donations.

In Gratitude,