Creative Catalyst Productions - VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Innovative Water Media with Nicholas Simmons

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Innovative Water Media with Nicholas Simmons


Artist: Nicholas Simmons
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
SKU: NS1vdl
Runtime: 120 Min


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Unconventional and innovative, Nicholas Simmons brings a breath of fresh air to water-media techniques.

Join the 2007 National Watercolor Society top prize winner as he works large-scale and reveals how challenges unique to water-media can be turned to the artists advantage, with stunning results. He incorporates blooming, crawl-backs, bleeding and puddling, and demonstrates methods for integrating masked areas with wet-in-wet painting.

Nick mixes watercolor with fluid acrylic, encourages the paper to buckle, and boldly wields a spray bottle to achieve textural effects. Anticipating his own tendencies, he works safeguards into his process, and offers compelling commentary along the way. This approach is perfect for artists striving to achieve a looser look, while still maintaining control of the final painting.

Whether you work in watercolor or acrylics, you'll find a new take on your favorite medium in Innovative Water Media with Nicholas Simmons.

PDF Article: Infusing Drama and Structure

BONUS CLIP:Controlled Runs in Watercolor

In this clip from his DVD workshop, Innovative Water Media, Nicholas Simmons intentionally creates runs and drips on a large sheet of watercolor paper to add spontaneous lines and shapes to his painting. He tilts and bends his paper to direct paint to the right areas, keeping in mind that he can remove unpleasant shapes as long as his paper stays wet. Nicholas also discusses how the completed runs affect his design.
What customers say
"I think I have told you this before but the very best video for me thus far is Nicholas Simmons. I have recieved several awards utilizing what I learned in your video. It is very well done. I also got to take a workshop with him in bend OR, Aug 2013 was chocked full of teachings that has helped me a lot. I recieved 6 awards in 2014 for 6 different paintings."
- Karen P., Tacoma WA -

Conversation with Nick Simmons: "On Painting Large"

Magazine Article: Infusing Drama and Structure PDF