Creative Catalyst Productions - VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor with Arleta Pech

VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor with Arleta Pech


Artist: Arleta Pech
Producer: Creative Catalyst Productions
SKU: AP1vdl
Runtime: 75 min


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Can you smell the flowers? Learn Arleta Pech's simple secrets for creating elegant, realistic watercolor florals.


This watercolor instruction DVD, Pure Color Glazing, will make you eager to try Arleta's pure color glazing methods on your own. You'll learn how to paint 'mud-free' and discover even new ways to apply these techniques.


Popular print artist and author Arleta Pech walks you through the process of creating a vibrant watercolor painting from start to finish. Topics include: tips on photographing your subject; ways to enlarge your sketch to fit your paper; techniques for creating rich backgrounds; color choices to help ensure mud-free paintings; and finally the process she calls 'pure color glazing' that helps maintain control to the very end. Watch step-by-step as Arleta creates a gorgeous painting, starting with pale initial glazes and working up to deep, brilliant hues, covering less and less area with each glaze. You will learn technique you can apply to any subject.


I really enjoyed the entire video. She takes her time to explain every step she takes and demonstrates each part carefully before moving on. This is very informative and encouraging. A beautiful way to paint. - Cheryl 10/22/14 -