Creative Catalyst Productions - Tangle Love Workshop Create Original Patterns with Tiffany Lovering

Zentangle: Tangle Love Workshop Create Original Patterns with Tiffany Lovering & Cherie Haas

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Artist: Tiffany Lovering & Cherie Haas
Producer: North Light
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Runtime: 82 min
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LIMITED STOCK - You will love this video workshop if:

  • You're new to zen doodle (zentangle) drawing and want to learn more
  • You love using zen doodle techniques for relaxation
  • You want to find new drawing inspiration


Discover how to create your own original patterns drawing inspiration from nature, textiles, and everyday objects around you. Artists Tiffany Lovering and Cherie Haas will guide you through training your eyes to see patterns in any object and simple ways to re-create them. Learn how to vary your line quality, blend color, and combine and layer tangles for truly unique patterns.

In Tangle Love Workshop: Create Original Patterns you will enjoy:

  • Instruction for creating patterns inspired by the world around
  • 10 all new patterns to learn and practice
  • 82 minutes of premiere workshop instruction


About the Author, Tiffany Lovering
Tiffany Lovering began tangling for fun and relaxation but it quickly became a passion. In 2013 she created a YouTube channel dedicated to showing others her own tangling techniques. In addition to YouTube, she has created a small blog community where tanglers can participate in a monthly tangle swap. Tiffany resides in Tennessee with her daughter.