Creative Catalyst Productions - 7 Secrets of Painting Reflections in Watercolor with Steve Rogers

7 Secrets of Painting Reflections in Watercolor with Steve Rogers


Artist: Steve Rogers
Producer: Artist Palette
SKU: 22-SR1D
Runtime: 98 min

In this exciting and informative DVD, "7 Secrets of Painting Reflections in Watercolor," Steve Rogers shares the secrets he has learned from a lifetime of painting marine subjects in watercolor and in his 30 plus years of teaching.


We see Steve paint a beautiful watercolor of two old sailboats from start to finish; and in his clear and down-to-earth style, he demonstrates the way he paints water so that it is both convincing and painterly.


 As secrets are revealed, students gain new insights in approaching reflections, such as painting the subject first before the reflection, valuable information in color choices, and how colors react to each other to help achieve dynamic results. In the chapter "Nuts and Bolts" viewers will find more "bonus secrets."


 "Steve's Gallery" chapter includes a short interview as Steve Rogers AWS, NWS share experiences that have influenced his work.


 His teaching workshops in Greece, Italy, France and Spain have had a profound impact on the color, sense of light and place and overall direction of his painting. "God is Light" - 1 John 1:5. "I paint the light which is a reflection of God's beauty and it makes my work as an artist both joyful and rewarding."