Creative Catalyst Productions - End of Summer Art Show

End of Summer Art Show

Cynthia Hickson, Pastel


Peony Painting, Pat Yager



Cynthia Hickson, Pastel


Himalayan Blue Poppies, Pat Yager


Learn All You Can About the World Around You, Janie Benzie

Ink & Watercolor

("I've been drawing the human form for 24 years and about 3 years ago decided to dress my models up in quirky clothing and later I started adding the animals. When my sister passed away, I was devastated. I wanted to do something to help combat this dreadful disease and decided that I could use these forms to create my own book to illustrate the sayings of my Mother (a very wise lady).")


Luke's Flowers, Bernie Bombardier




Tumbling Blocks by Jean Deval

"Tumbling Blocks." Started out as a sketch to be painted and then ended as a stitchery, each block consisting of four layers of felt, glued and stitched in place, with hand-stitched background, all over the place. Great fun."


Rocky Shore by Dianne Wham



Lakeside - Early Morn by Dianne Wham



 Plein Air by Veronica Brown

"What better way than to indulge in both loves; outdoors and painting!!"

Plein Air painting by Veronica Brown


Sofia by Grace Senior Morandi

(Collage / Acrylic)

The Musician by Grace Senior Morandi

(Wood / Mixed Media)

Lavender Field by Grace Senior Morandi



Cityscape by Jean Grant

"I enjoy experimenting, its amazing what happens."

Tulips by Jean Grant

"I enjoy experimenting, its amazing what happens."


Medieval Maid by Sonia Leggett

"Acrylic and tissue collage (inspired by Anne Bagby's DVDs)"


Purple Passion by Peggy Schuda

"Watercolor on 300 lb. paper. The title is "Purple Passion." It is based on a photo I took at the Chicago Botanical Garden last year...lovely place that ignites my "passion" to paint."


Gears of Time by Carol Lagrow


Big Sky by Carol Lagrow


Precious by Carol Lagrow



Cherry Bowl by Anthony Rogone


African Lion by Carol Creel


Antique Glass by Carol Creel



Azure Blue by Marcia Hirschy

Acrylic on Canvas

Intracoastal Grapes by Marcia Hirschy



Friends on the Beach by Judi Pedder

"Although a watercolourist of long standing, these are dye on silk."

Poppies Forever! by Judy Pedder

"Although a watercolourist of long standing, these are dye on silk."

Red, White and Green by Judi Pedder

"Although a watercolourist of long standing, these are dye on silk."

Nature's Art by Judi Pedder

"Although a watercolourist of long standing, these are dye on silk."


Golden Beauty by Kay Thomas



Lace Wings by Dianne Murray

Watercolor/Acrylic Ink


Bella Boo by Colleen Taylor

Summer's Blush by Colleen Taylor


“Bird” Paul’s Frequent Flyer Guest by Peggy Schuda

"A friend of mine has this dove which he hand feeds and returns year after year to his patio garden in Lubbock, TX, and demands to be fed. He affectionately refers to her as “Bird.” I had a recent assignment in a “Wet on Wet” watercolor class at the DuPage Art League in IL to use only 3 colors (a red, blue, and yellow) that are not primary colors. I chose Indian Red, Gamboge, and Manganese Blue, which I felt had a Southwestern feel."


Tidal Pool by Ann Nicholson

"I painted this on a day that I skipped selling at the Yachats Farmers Market this last May because of rain.  I really enjoy your videos."


White Horse by Cynthia Hickson


Home Away From Home by Cynthia Hickson


Naomi by Cynthia Hickson



Merging by Win Ratz


Ancient Connections by Raven Skye McDonough

Final Cover of CD Cover for Lauren by Raven Skye McDonough

"I am a collage and mixed media artist residing in Venice, FL.  Additional artwork and information about the artist can be found on my website www.ravenskyestudio.com"


Birdhouses unfinished by Terese Lefavor

"Materials used were acrylics on wood. I have included my beginning photo of wooden bird houses, which I purchased at JoAnn's. Design elements, expressive colors and details were my focus in creating my whimsical birdhouses, which add a little bling to the patio!"

Birdhouses completed by Terese Lefavor


Shaman Vision by Teyjah McAren


Pine in Bloom by Diana McDougal

"My summer art. This is my acrylic Plein Air painting on an 11”x14” canvas. I painted this near Allenspark, Colorado."


Citricil,on National Geographic by Estelle Bernot