Creative Catalyst Productions - Alcohol Ink Brand Blending with Mixatives with June Rollins®

Alcohol Ink Brand Blending with Mixatives with June Rollins®


Artist: June Rollins
Producer: June Rollins
SKU: 22-JR4d
Runtime: 75 mins
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Alcohol Ink Brand Blending with Mixatives DVD features six Dreamscaping demonstrations using Adirondack, Piñata and Spectrum Noir Alcohol Ink brands along with Adirondack Mixatives; Copper, Gold, Silver, Pearl and Snow Cap.Demonstrations included Ink Experiments, Brand Blends, Copper Mixatives, Snow Cap, Pearl, Claro Rescue, Gold Mixatives and Brand Blends Slideshow.

Familiarity of previous Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping DVDs recommended.

You'll enjoy this DVD workshop:

  • For anyone who has dreamed of being an artist, but didn't think they could.
  • For beginning artists who want to step into the creative flow and stop trying so hard.
  • For experienced artists who feel blocked and want to reclaim the wonder and joy of the creative process.


Dreamscaping with alcohol inks is a fun, relaxing, intuitive art process using no pre-planned sketches or brushes. You don't need to be able to draw or have prior art experience to create Dreamscapes.

Dreamscaping is affordable! No expensive brushes are needed. It's amazing how beautiful, flowing abstracts with the look of stained glass effortlessly emerge with a simple, plastic coffee stirrer or plastic straw!


June Rollins, signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of NC, is the originator of the Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Process. Dreamscaping with alcohol inks evolved form a spirit of experimentation and play.