Creative Catalyst Productions - Anatomy for Artists: The Human Head - OnAirVideo.com

Anatomy for Artists: The Human Head - OnAirVideo.com


Artist: Larry Withers
Producer: On Air Video
Runtime: 41 min

Drawing the human head with accuracy and attention to detail is a challenge that even the most accomplished artists often struggle with.


If you've been afraid to branch out and try human subjects in your art work because you don't know if you can represent the intricacies of the human head with accuracy, this is the workshop for you. In this drawing instruction DVD, On Air Video delivers an informative and interesting look at the design and function of the human skull so that you can feel more comfortable drawing or painting it on the page. This art instruction workshop is full of helpful advice that will enable you to render the human head on the page or canvas without fear.

The instruction in this video will increase your understanding the anatomy of the head as it pertains to a variety of topics, including: bones of the cranium and face muscles of the head and their functions, surface forms that define the face canons of proportion of the head, characteristics that differentiate gender, and age facial expressions. Even after you've been able to accurately paint or draw the human head and face repeatedly, you'll enjoy returning to this video again and again for tips and refreshing techniques.